Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween. Where Will Your Dog Be?

Kids will be ringing the doorbell all night long.  How will your Fido react?  And what's your plan to manage it?

In my home, I'll give Jes a new bone and lock her in a room with Animal Planet playing on the TV while I hand out candy. 

We live on a very quiet street. The end of our street is a cul de sac which means the only traffic that passes our house are people who lives in the homes on the cul de sac. Add to that Jes is a great watchdog; whenever there's activity in the street Jes goes on "high alert."  She barks and growls as if home invaders were about to strike.

I know she wouldn't hurt any of the kids, but I think the kids would be too afraid to approach the door.  That said, my plan is based more on my concern for Jes than it is for the kids.  I don't think it would be good for her to be anxious all night long - and I can tell, when she's "protecting" our home, she is anxious.  Sometimes her body quivers.  I think she believes it's her job to protect us but she's actually scared herself when she's "on the job."

So I'm putting Jes in her own room for her benefit - not the benefit of the Trick or Treaters.

If you have a dog that runs out the door at any chance, who doesn't socialize well with strangers, who might be frightened by all the different costumes that will approach your door tonight, consider their well being and plan for it. 

Don't put him in a situation of discomfort while his humans celebrate  Halloween.