Monday, January 9, 2012

Healthy Home Cooked Meals For Dogs

I've always been a proponent of commercial dog food.  I figured they knew more about what dogs need than I do.  But as time has passed (in other words I've gotten older!) I realize that their job is to sell dog food and my job is to make sure my dog is eating healthy.  That's when I began researching Healthy Home Cooked Meals For Dogs.

To be fair, I still mix in dry dog kibble with whatever I cook for Jes (that's my bulldog, if you're new to my blog) but that's more for a bit of filler.  I buy the Canidae brand, which in itself is a natural, holistic dog food.  I feed her the Platinum formula, which is a nice name for the old and overweight dog food.

But I don't feed it to her because she's old or overweight but rather because it's lower in fat and carbs.

Most nights Jes is served a baked chicken breast (no skin of course) and a cup of green beans. Green beans are her favorite.  When I substitute another veg, I often find them in the bottom of the bowl. It amazes me how a dog with a squished face can each around morsels of carrots.

Homemade Dog Ice Cream | photo by DryFish

And on special occasions, she gets doggy ice cream for dessert. You can either buy it in the store, or make it yourself. 

"Wikihow offers this easy recipe for Doggy Ice Cream: 
  •  2 cups vanilla yogurt
  • Bananas (mashed)
  • 2 tablespoons honey

Mix the ingredients together, place equal amounts in an ice cube tray and place the tray in the freezer." 
It's that simple to create a healthy home cooked meal for dogs.