Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honoring Our K-9 Soldiers This Veterans Day

As all dog-lovers know, our pups will do anything for those of us they love - including lay down their lives.
Generally when we think of a dog losing its life for his human, we think he either tried to rescue someone from a fire or kept her warm while lost outside overnight.

But did you know that dogs have been serving alongside our military troops since WWII? 

On this Veteran's Day, let's honor our K-9 Soldiers.

K-9 Promise

My eyes are your eyes
to watch and protect you and yours

My ears are your ears to hear and detect evil minds in the dark

My nose is your nose to scent the invader of your domain

And so you may live 
My life is also yours
author unknown

To learn more about the history of dogs in war, visit The United States War Dogs Association

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