Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do You Treat Your Dog Like A Person?

Jes with her "bling earrings" and painted nails
  My friends think I've "lost it" now. I took Jes to a new groomer and she asked, "Can I give her some earrings?" I laughed and said, "Sure, why not?"  The groomer asked "Can I paint her nails?"  "If she'll let you," I replied.  

When I returned to pick Jes up, she was prancing with her head held high.  She knew she was sportin' a new look and she wanted to show it off. 

What did I do?  Well, of course I took this photo, posted it here and on my personal Facebook and emailed it to friends and family.  

Isn't that what YOU do with your dog?   It appears that's what 50% of us do. In a poll taken last year, it was revealed that "half (50%) of American pet owners consider their pets to be as much a part of the family as any person in the household." 

And I'm falling right in line with the rest of the survey too, including the names I give my dogs.  51% of people give their dogs human names.  Jes is my current dog, my last dog was Jake and earlier in life I had Sophie!

Even better (or worse, depending on which type of dog owner you are)  67% of people allow their dog to sleep in bed with them.  Yep, I fall into that group too!  Jes gets the right side of the king size bed. Actually she gets the middle AND the right hand side because she lays cross-wise rather than length-wise!  

I would assume that anyone who reads a dog blog falls into the same category of dog owner as I am.  But let's put it to the test. 

A) A dog is a member of my family.
B) A dog is a dog.

Please share your thoughts below.



  1. Oh, our dog is definitely a member of the family--she thinks she is the leader of the family! Cleo (short for Cleopatra) is a German Shepherd/Lab mix and she is so smart, understands so much of what we say...there is no way she is "just a dog"! Love that photo of your dog, Jes--wish Cleo would let us do that...LOL!

    I found you through Twittermoms, BTW--I'm now following you on Twitter and GFC. Your Twitter is not dog-related, though, is that correct?

    :) Michelle

  2. Hi Michelle- Have you tried painting Cleo's nails? This is the first time for Jes and she thought she was "hot stuff" after they were painted! I was surprised.

    My twitter is dog-related. It's http://www.twitter.com/dogloverdogblog

    Hope you join us there too!